Ads auto reject

I have a bug with the ads,
when I look at the history there are some ads rated reject.
Yet when I see one I always accept.
I am on linux-mint and
I use the s3 brave-browser (
Do you have an idea of ​​the problem ?
I have not been “payement” for this month but his another story lol.
Sorry for my speak bad english.

Thank you for reaching out to us – not sure I’m aware of this issue.
Can you please tell me what Brave version you’re using (Menu --> About Brave) and what version of Mint you’re using as well?

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hello @Mattches ,
i use linux mint 19
brave Version 0.70.123 Chromium: 78.0.3904.97 (Build officiel) (64 bits)
thanks you @eljuno ^^

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I have this problem too :frowning:

the 5 november i do not recieve

@lik24 sorry for the confusion here. For your ads feedback, everything is fine, the “Rejete” just indicates that you dismissed the notification, not that you downvoted it. I can see in the UI that you’ve upvoted all of the ads, so things should be working fine for you. But I realize how this design can be confusing and I’ll take back those notes to the team.

For your missing ad payment, we have seen that some amount of users did not have their payment processed. We are very sorry about this delay and should have those fixed by Sunday night. Thanks for your patience and for using Brave.

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ok thank you very much for answering @jsecretan :slight_smile: have a nice day. but I don’t remember having refuse the notification is why I find weird and I set the maximum ad per hour, but I don’t have a lot.

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