Ads are popping up

Starting to see ads on different web-sites, including youtube. Perhaps its time for and update for the ad-blocker . We as community will be happy to report and help eliminate unwanted ads . if there is a program where I can do that point out to me

Example sites? And did you have your Shield UP?

cc @fanboynz

Yup …welI i always have shields up . business as usual I have encountered ads on youtube ( this happend on my Android device while on desktop mode, if that is of any help ) as for my laptop experience I have encountered pop-up ads on some local banking sites (ING) , a local ad site (OLX ) and a real estate listing site world-estate, I believe it was called . To post screenshots and links will be kind of time consuming …This is not a complaint, more of a heads up :slight_smile:

Same here. Youtube ads which were previously blocked aren’t anymore. Switched back to chrome with uBlock Origin and they’re still blocked there.

I don’t do any custom rules, just stock uBlock and Brave install. Shields up for youtube. I can imagine a case where I disabled shields for a non-youtube, but still google site, but not sure how to figure that out.

@doofusdavid @ThinCello Does Brave beta help with youtube ads (setting trackers/ads to aggressive in shields)

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I do not encounter ads all the time. There are isolated events. Somehow some of them manage to go around the protocols … I will use Beta and let you know if I will come across anything


When I am in Safari YouTube videos play and ads do appear. However, using Brave YouTube videos do not play.

Instead I get this in the address bar

Can anyone help me with this issue?

probably a cookie/cache issue, if you clear the youtube settings it should use the right site (

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Same thing. I just got a YouTube video ad, which was odd. I’m also getting more and more static adds all over popular sites, like Google or YouTube.

regarding ads, see my last post Suddenly getting YouTube ads?

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Tried clearing the cache . I have used beta the whole day . i still get you tube ads on Android devices . No issues on desktop ( Windows). It is true it is a cache issue, but …I cant constantly clear the cache . I hope a fix will come and this won’t develop into a deal breaker .

In my case, the only Ads that I see are on Youtube, those that run before the video. If I reload the page, no more Ads.

See previous threads:

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No YouTube ads on Nightly. :+1: :+1:

I am also getting intermittent adverts on both YouTube and Google (which I almost never use, prefer duckduckgo, but sometime results are not local enough)
This screenshot taken just now of an advert in Google search.


Thank you, you were correct!

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