Notice ads popping up

Hey team Brave …

sorry to be the bearer of (bad news) …

Youtube is showing ads again :sob:

The number 1 reason im using this browser seems (at least for the time being) to have been defeated :worried:

will it persist as such ?

Can you please tell us/share a screenshot of what ads you’re seeing on Youtube? Additionally, does changing your ad-blocking controls in Shields to Aggressive block these ads?

Screenshot of the ads you’re seeing?

Hey Mattches …
Ive been outa town for a few days … I have changed nothing in regards to sheild´s settings … yet now im not seeing anny ads on youtube.

I was using latest version of the browser (Made sure to chek for updates ofc.)

I have no idea what happened or why.
I didnt get anny screenshots, but i do recall an add for momondo
(a searchengine for booking vacation)

Im running default settings in regards to sheildsettings (allways have)

I do recall same (issue) some time back, couple of years ago i think.
Back then, it was resolved by an update.

Annyways… (yet again) TYVM for the great work u guys are doing.
And the quick reply.

All hail team Brave :saluting_face:

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Not sure what may have changed either but I’m glad the issue seems to be resolved. I will leave this thread open for the time being in the event the issue occurs again.

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