Address Bar with Full link instead of search keyword

When search in search engine, search keyword will override address bar.
Ok, i assume this is new “feature” which is defeat the purpose of address bar and whatever item we click in search engine will maintain keyword in “address bar”.

In short, brave override search engine over address bar when remain in search engine page.
I can’t copy my search url .

How to enable URL instead of KEYWORD in address bar? Please take note not everyone like to see keyword in address bar, in search engine page etc, and not showing actual url in address bar.

Hey @chan1314

Sounds like you’ve encountered which is currently slated to be fixed with the 0.68.x release.


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Thanks for your info.

I just updated to latest version and encounter many issues.

need to wait 0.68 and hope those issues introduced in 0.67 will resolve.


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