Address Bar Gets Stuck

The address of a previously opened website gets stuck in the address bar after closing down tabs, and now the address bar becomes unresponsive until Brave is restarted. This bug has surfaced recently in the last few builds, and it’s not like it happens every time, but it’s quite frequent.

Brave version: 1.61.109
OS: Android 14

Hello, @Mattches! Would you mind taking a look at this?

Thanks for reaching out — sorry for not seeing your thread earlier.

Can you confirm that this is still an issue after updating to the latest build (v1.61.120)?

@Mattches Yes, it still persists on the latest build (v1.61.120).

Thank you for checking. So to confirm the exact behavior here so I can try to reproduce, is it simply closing a tab, then opening a new tab and then the address of the previous tab is “stuck” in the new tab? Or is this only when you close all tabs?

@Mattches It occurs only when I’m closing tabs by swiping them away. And do keep in mind, it doesn’t happen every time but it’s quite frequent.

Let me know if I’ll have to grab something whenever it occurs again.

Any updates on it? @Mattches

You’re still encountering this same issue on your end after updating to the latest build (v1.62.165)? If so, the most useful thing to see would be a short recording of the behavior so we can see the exact behavior.

@Mattches Yes, here is the screen recording:

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I’ve added your information to this similar issue that was already opened:

Hope to have some developers take a look soon. Appreciate your patience.

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I have the same issue. As OP said, I’m not sure how to reproduce it but it happens relatively often. I’m using latest Brave version but it was happening in previous versions as well.

Thanks, waiting for it to get fixed.

Has the update been rolled out? Github issue is closed, but the bug still hasn’t been fixed.

Brave version: 1.63.174

According to the issue, the fix is currently in Beta and should land in the update to v1.65x so likely in the next release or two.

I’ll also ask Android team whether or not the fix can possibly be uplifted.

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Okay, thanks. Waiting for this to get fixed.

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