Add the close "x" to all the tabs in the tab bar on iPhone

When I’m using Brave I always have more than 1 tab open so I have the “Always Show” option for the tabs bar enabled which is a fantastic feature. However, the small “x” in the bar is the fastest way to close tabs so for it to show up I’m forced to go back into that page which often times reloads and because of this, reallocates the ram my phone was using to keep my other page or 2 open causing these pages to then reload themselves.
I know this seems small but is very inconvenient when I have something open with progress made and because I need to close a tab will reload and have to start over. Adding "x"s to all the tabs, like on your desktop version, would fix this very easily!
I hope you fantastic people at Brave take this into consideration, thank you.

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Thanks for sharing this use-case. Unfortunately, the hit areas on iPhone area already pretty limiting. We have played with similar things before.

One option (that I personally use), when I want to clean up tabs, is to go into the tab tray and swipe them away. This prevents the tab from being loaded.