Close all open tabs

Im not trying to be difficult, but i was trying to figure out how to close all open tabs in ios browser in portrait orientation w tab bar at bottom (landscape only). I found this
Which was of no help to me, as my screen / tab tray (ok, what exactly is the tray part?) / icons do not look like that and there are only options for “private”, “+” and “done.” No close all tabs or close tab drop down menu from ling pressing anywhere, and no trash can icon anywhere. What am i missing? If im not missing anything bc this feature was removed, please re-implement it for my sanity bc pressing the x individually on my phone screen does not often succeed in anything other than opening the tab ( i have excellent eye-hand coordination + lady-sized digits).

Thanks for any help / response you can offer


Thank you for reaching out to us.
To close all tabs on iOS, look for the square icon that lists the number of open tabs, as shown below:

Long press on that icon to reveal a drop down menu, with the Close all tabs option:

THANK YOU! Duh, now I am embarrassed that i could not figure it out. Ok, well, actually, i know why: the currently open tab screen does not reveal the other open tabs unless in landscape orientation, which i basically never use w browser, so i would have to open the “open tabs” screen to decide which if any I wanted to close. My need for a close all tabs button is 100% driven by the sight of (usually an unexpectedly) large
number of open tabs or those that are particularly sensitive, etc. In other words, I don’t know i need to perform the action until I get to the open tabs screen (the non-long-press of tab tray button). That is where I incorrectly assumed such an option would surely be found. Can that be submitted as a feature request, please? The way it is now is 1) not intuitive and 2) not much more efficient than pressing all those x’s (and then closing the webpage + pressing x again :repeat::infinity: bc the close was not triggered due to a nm of error in my pressure aim).
Thanks again :slight_smile: