Multiple Open Tabs


Can you add there option to close all tabs with one “click”? When more than two are open, it’s annoying to have to close each tab by clicking the x in every tab.


What OS? device are using?

I’m using an IOS 11.


iPhone 8 iOS 14.8.1

Brave Browser for iOS v1.37 (

I can’t find what you are showing. I clicked the bookmark icon, not there. I checked where the three dots are at bottom right, not there. Looked under browse features, not there. Can you add the steps to get there? I hope it’s not something obvious. :blush:


To the left of the 3-dot “kabob” menu icon, and to the right of the small magnifying glass icon . . . there will be a tiny, square “box” object with a number inside. That value represents the number of open Tabs.

Press and hold on that tiny square and wait for the pop-up.

Awesome! I would have never figured that out! Thanks so much!