Add the ability to lock an entire window from external links

Scenario: You’re doing research on a topic and you have a brave window open with a bunch of tabs on the topic. You go to email because your boss has something important and click on a link she sends you to a Dilbert Cartoon. That Dilbert cartoon just opens in the most recent Brave Window and pollutes your research.

It would be very very very nice to be able to lock a window so that all external links (i.e. not added directly in the window like “new tab” or control+click etc.) won’t go to that window and instead will go to another unlocked Brave window, or open a new brave window if there are no unlocked windows.

Bonus points for being able to name the entire window so that we can easily see which window is for what research.

100% this - I would love to be able to designate a window for new external links to open in, rather than the last active window. I also organize what I’m doing in separate windows, and it’s extremely frustrating when I click a link and it just goes into the middle of a topic-specific window I was working in.