Locking Tab Groups so new tabs open outside of the group

Good day and thank you for this fabulous Browser.

A daily issue I have with Brave (msedge and chrome too) is that my Tab Groups cannot be locked or made “read only”.

Scenario 1: All my email sites are in one Tab Group, I click on a link in the email and a new tab appears next to my current email tab.
Scenario 2: I click on a link in Twitter, Discord etc in a Social Media-tab group and the new tab is created next to the current tab.

My suggestion would be to be able to “lock” a tab group (simple tick in the right click dropdown menu), and when a link is followed from any of the tabs inside the locked tabs, it should open a new tab outside to the left/right (options) of the tab group, similar to opening links from pinned tabs.

While I am on the subject, make it possible to pin Tab Groups too.

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+1 on both features. Long overdue

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