Prevent Brave from stealing focus

How do I prevent Brave from stealing focus? For example, if I have an email with multiple links, as I click each one the Brave browser winder wil come to front, causing me to have to “toggle” back an forth to open multiple links. I would prfer Brave just stay in background until I’m done.
Firefox has a setting in about:config to change that behavior. I can’t find it in Brave.
Thx in advance

Hi @raven, Welcome to Community!
Can you elaborate more on this? What are you using for email? Are you using a desktop app or using it in a browser window?

Win 10, Outlook email (app)
For example if I open an email from Quora, with multiple questions and I click ‘read more’ the directed link will cause Brave to open in forefront. I then have to go back to the email for the next link.

In Firefox the setting is about:config > browser.tabs.loadDivertedInBackground: true

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