Please add sleeping tabs feature like Microsoft Edge

Hi, I would like to request you to add the feature of sleeping tabs (present in MS Edge) to Brave browser. This feature would be very helpful in saving the system resources for better performance. Often the browser hangs when we have many tabs open. Most of the time we don’t use all the tabs at the same time and they simply increase the burden on the system resources, thereby compromising the performance of the browser. Adding this feature would help in saving the system resources and smooth functioning of the browser.

Planned work but no information when the feature will be introduced.

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Just another upvote. IMO the main reason why this should be prioritized is b/c it is probably the easiest way to extend battery life on unplugged notebooks.

I prefer Brave all the way, but this one Edge feature is enough for me to switch to Edge at least when I am unplugged.

The various tab suspend extension’s implementation are also nowhere as near seamless as the Edge feature either so they aren’t a true alternative to Edge.

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