Brave Should Add A Screenshot Built-in Feature, Like Firefox/Vivaldi Have

I’d love to have a built-in screenshot tool in Brave Browser, like Firefox/Vivaldi already have.

I really do a lot of screenshots, and sometimes I find myself having to open Firefox, (even though I’m trying to force myself to use primarily Brave, for about 1 week or so at the moment of publishing this), to do a screenshot, of something at the website I’ve got opened.

Yeah, I suppose someone is going to tell me in the post’s comments/answers, “oh, but you’ve already got the OS or a tool to do screenshots outside of Brave Browser”, but it hasn’t the ease as in Firefox, which is by “blocks” or elements of the HTML page, which makes it much more precise, convenient & fast.

I understand that Brave doesn’t aim to be like Vivaldi or Firefox, really loaded of features out-of-the-box, but I really think this would be an awesome addition and really nice.

Yes It should be in Brave.

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