Add option to automatically close tabs after X amount of days

Many users don’t use, access, or need the tabs they have open after a few days. With the current options available in brave (close all tabs on exit, and the default option of keeping all tabs), tabs can build up really fast. This leads to clutter and a requirement to manually clear all tabs, or take the time to sort through and delete all the old tabs.

I propose an option that is available on some other browsers. The option would be to have the browser automatically close/delete tabs that haven’t been used in a certain amount of days. This can be predetermined values like 3 or 7 days, or it can be user defined.

As an addition to reduce accidental closing of important tabs, tabs should be able to be pinned to prevent them from being automatically closed/deleted.

I believe this feature would improve the speed and ease of the user experience centered around browser tabs.