Option to auto close old tabs

The problem:
Tab management on the phone isn’t easy for me and for some people I’ve known. I create new tabs for any new browsing activity keeping recent past ones undisturbed for any potential future reference. This behavior leads to a pile up of tabs and whenever I notice a smiley “: D” in place of the number of tabs (which means >100), I just close them all at once.

I often wished I had an option to auto delete tabs older than a month or so. The older the tab gets, the less relevant it is.

This will keep the browser cleaner and might use less battery and storage.

Points to note:

  • Age of the tab to be measured from the last time the user was on it, not from the time of tab creation.
  • If the tab clearing activity consumes any considerable battery power, consider performing the same while the phone is charging.

This would be very useful (as someone who ends up with well over 100 tabs open and brave starts to glitch a little when switching tabs). I find most of the time I just want to do a quick search or bit of research into something and then don’t need those tabs again.

As a little extra, it would be great to have the option to ‘pin’ a tab to stop it from auto-closing. With this feature I would set auto-close to 1 day and then pin anything that I wanted to keep open to come back to later.