Option to auto close old tabs

The problem:
Tab management on the phone isn’t easy for me and for some people I’ve known. I create new tabs for any new browsing activity keeping recent past ones undisturbed for any potential future reference. This behavior leads to a pile up of tabs and whenever I notice a smiley “: D” in place of the number of tabs (which means >100), I just close them all at once.

I often wished I had an option to auto delete tabs older than a month or so. The older the tab gets, the less relevant it is.

This will keep the browser cleaner and might use less battery and storage.

Points to note:

  • Age of the tab to be measured from the last time the user was on it, not from the time of tab creation.
  • If the tab clearing activity consumes any considerable battery power, consider performing the same while the phone is charging.