Automatically Close Tabs After X Time Has Passed

Hello! I am a recent converted Android user from iOS, and have decided to take Brave as my browser of choice. Though I love most of what Brave is doing, I realized that one of my most used features is missing from the Android browser — which I used heavily in Safari for iOS.

In Safari for iOS, there was a feature where the browser could automatically close tabs after One Day, One Week, Or One Month; should it be enabled. This helped me to easily maintain my browser clutter-free, and not have to worry about either closing the tabs manually, or remembering to close the browser entirely to delete tabs (which Brave currently supports).

I also believe that Brave has implemented this feature, albeit on other platforms — so its use case as a seamless way to reduce clutter, for those who wish to enable it, has been noticed by the support team.

If there is a way to enable this feature on Brave’s Android browser, that would be incredibly helpful! As a previous iOS user — this feature was nigh indispensable; so if Brave could implement it, I would have no other reason to use any other browser — as would many other iOS-to-Android (or Android in general) users would agree.

Thank you so much Brave Team!