Close Tabs Automatically When "Clear browsing data On Exit" is selected

Automatically closing tabs when the “Clear browsing data on exit” option is selected in Brave would be a highly beneficial feature for users seeking a more streamlined and private browsing experience. First and foremost, it enhances user privacy by ensuring that sensitive information from open tabs is promptly cleared upon exiting the browser. Users often forget to manually close tabs containing personal or sensitive data, leaving them vulnerable to unauthorized access. Implementing this feature aligns with Brave’s commitment to prioritizing user privacy and security, offering a seamless solution to minimize the risk of unintentional data exposure.

Furthermore, the proposed feature contributes to a more efficient user experience. Many users find it cumbersome to remember to manually close each tab before exiting the browser, especially when dealing with a multitude of open tabs. Automatic closure of tabs aligns with the convenience and user-friendly ethos of the Brave browser, reducing the need for manual intervention and enabling a hassle-free approach to maintaining privacy. By incorporating this feature, Brave can distinguish itself as a browser that not only values user security but also prioritizes user convenience and ease of use.

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