Brave Mobile - Needed Features

Here’s a few things that would improve Brave mobile functionality:

Able to open a new tab within a group within menu

Could be put in the menu like this:

New tab
New tab in group
New private tab
New private tab in group

Able to move tabs from tab menu into other tabs to add to group or create new group

You can move a tab out of a group by dragging it out of the group tab box but can’t add a tab to another. Right now trying to do that just shuffles the tabs around.

I get that you can create groups within the menu of the tab menu but this method might be good for just adding a tab or two to an existing close by tab group.

Obviously would need to test to make sure it doesn’t feel clunky to use such as just trying to organize tabs and accidentally creating a tab group when you didn’t want to.

Selecting tabs for a new group right now will take you to the oldest tabs rather than the newest which seems really bad. What if I have a couple hundred tabs?

Also the current feature doesn’t allow adding tabs to already made group tabs so that feature should be improved.

Pinned tab groups + named groups

Being able to pin a tab group for websites you always are using just like you can on the desktop version would be great. A pinned tab group or even a regular group should also be able to be named so you can keep track of specific tab groups easier.

Also pinning a single tab would be good as well.

Editing bookmarks improvements

Selecting the bookmark button after bookmarking a tab should take me to the bookmark editing menu and not what it currently does which is to just remove the bookmark. Such a bad design.

If you still want to keep that feature it should be tapping the bookmark button takes you to the bookmark editing menu and holding the button for a bit deletes the bookmark instead of having to do it from the menu.

That way you get much better functionality without changing it much.

Tab search feature

Could be done from both the regular menu and the tab menu’s menu just like how you can open a new tab from both.

It would simply be adding a feature that’s available in the desktop to the mobile. I know some people think it’s unnecessary for even the desktop but I’ve loved the feature ever since it was added and I’m sure others have also.