Add feature buttons next to search bar

One of the biggest problems I had with Chrome, apart from privacy issues, is that I couldn’t customize the toolbar (the space next to search bar). In Firefox, I can add and change the order of buttons (setting, history, etc.). In Edge, I can make the buttons appear next to the search bar. Putting everything in that three-dot button is frustrating as there’s so many things in there and it takes more time for me to find what I want.

It’s ironic that Brave is known for protecting privacy but the browser’s UI is so similar to Chrome.

Also, you have a side bar that seems to allow me to add some buttons. However, the only one I can add is settings. There’s no point in having that as a feature. Take a look at how Vivaldi is doing with their side bar (known as panel), and you’ll know Brave is considerably lagging behind.

So far, to me, Brave is just another Chrome with stronger privacy protection. There’s no other features that differentiate itself from Chrome or any other browsers. I have to use Firefox for work; otherwise, I wouldn’t consider another browser for personal use.