Android variant does not have add favourite top sites to brave homepage (like chrome amd edge)

I want to add top sites like Flipkart order section , amazon order section, specific page of websites so that I don’t have to navigate to those pages each time I visit the site,

The feature I requested is already prensent in almost all browesrt , expert this one

Yes we get a toggle option in settings to see the top visited websites on brave homepage, but this is just like history option ,

What I want is customization, to set my own urls on that top website section

This customisation is not present, it’s a basic feature,

Brave Browser is loaded with features but fails to implement such a basic features even after seeing so many request

And FYI this feature is available in desktop, but not on Android mobile (can’t say anything about iOS as I don’t use it)

Please Tag relevant member, and escalate this to devlopers