NTP "speed dial" customization - favorite sites icons/tiles

I could have sworn in the past, the Android browser had the option to add favorites to the NTP? I remember something about disabling the background image to increase the limit to 8 tiles. Well, I can’t seem to do this anymore, and I would really enjoy this feature. Of course I have bookmarks, but as someone who switched over from Opera browser, I greatly miss their “speed dial” NTP since it’s so much faster and more convenient when I can open a new tab and just tap one of my pre-existing icons. Not just the “top visited” but actually allow manual customization. There’s plenty of screen real estate available! :wink: I’ve attached screenshots of both Brave and Opera browsers on Android for comparison.


I agree with him. Also if you can move saved bookmarks button on the bottom bar that will be great.


Agree with you, please give as option to have more then 4 top sites.


Anything changed about that? I miss that also…

And also possibility to group them in folders like this:

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Speed dial would improve usability.