Add clock to new tab page Android

Can you please add clock on the new tab page as in desktop?

Hello! It’s been a while – good to see you’re still with us :slight_smile:

Normally I don’t but can I ask the reason for this request? The screen real estate on most devices is so small that you can see your device’s system clock with relative ease – adding a clock to the NTP will likely just take space/resources.

No real reason thought it would be cool. But I got it. It is not a must have feature. But you may give it as an option. The clock on new tab page is a good reminder to keep on eye on time. Just my opinion.

But my real request which was asked by others i am sure is, to have user defined top sites (shortcuts) on new tab page. Right now it is based on history picked by Brave. All major browsers have this feature to keep user defined shortcuts on new tab page.


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