Add ability to hide the extensions button in search bar

A great aesthetic feature would be the ability to hide the extensions button. It is hidden by default if you do not have any extensions but if you install any, it shows up. Even if all extensions are hidden, it is still present in the search bar. It would be great if it can be hidden.

From a functionality standpoint it serves very little function. Right click does nothing. Left click shows all extensions and has an option of managing extensions. These functions can be done by clicking the hamburger menu and clicking extensions.

In exchange for an extra click, you get a more minimalistic front. One less button that see all the time about extensions which most users don’t click all the time.

I take inspiration and reference from the Edge browser by Microsoft. You can right click the extensions button and hide it.



Will definitely be useful if added to brave, As I never use this and always use brave://extensions/ for managing and doing all extensions related tasks.