Add a divider in brave?

First off I love the new update. It looks so clean and I love that they have improved on the vertical tabs (although some optimisation on showing messages in collapsed tabs is needed)!

I was using the app for my work and realised, that it would be great to have a divider between the tabs!
I was working on two different things and had to separate my workflow for the projects. I would have had to switch desktops or create 2 windows. But how about just a nice little line that divides off tabs on vertical and even horizontal tabs?

Just a thought. It would be an amazing quality of life update.

You can try the Tile Tabs WE extension. Though this never worked for me the way I wanted when I last tried it years ago. Vivaldi has it built in, and it works the way I want it, so I use that for such purposes.

Firefox Classic used to have one that was to my liking but then it got replaced with this inferior one with the new extensions model.

But there may be alternatives.

Okay, Nevermind, I got a better solution that’s already present in Brave and I just love it!

You can freaking group tabs in such a cool way!!! I love this. Just right-click on a tab and add it to a group. Then drop the ones you want to in that group or manually add them by right-clicking them.

Cool!!! I love how it works in the vertical tabs!

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