Ad earnings issue (August 2019)

Dear Brave Community -

We want to follow up on Brendan’s Reddit comments that there was indeed an issue related to payment calculation for the month of August for some users who opted-in to Brave ads.

Our team has been working nonstop and, and we have identified the underlying problem,. The fix is expected to land on both desktop and Android platforms by August 15 after a thorough testing cycle. This fix will automatically pick up any missed earnings and accrue them on your behalf once you upgrade to the latest version.

Once the fix has landed, we are going to deliver a second payment for the month of August, after five days of both platforms landing the fix. This will allow enough users to upgrade before we make the payout. Even if you do not upgrade, your earnings are safe and the September payout will ensure payment.

In addition, per Brendan’s and Brave’s commitment, we will compensate loyal Brave Ads users who were affected with a BAT bonus.

Thank you.
The Brave Rewards team


I am using brave for more than 3 4 months and i have my “payments in progress” for a very long time.

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Same for me, status “pending” for 2 months now.
Nothing never arrived to UpHold :frowning:


I have a similar but different issue. I was receiving payment through the coinbase (where I first heard about brave browser and initially started using it!) It seemed everything ran smoothly until I got notified that brave ads were available for Android and I updated my brave app. This is when I noticed that my ad opt in was on but I wasn’t seeing ads like the instructional video said they would show up for me. I also started am uphold wallet and the payment I was supposed to be allowed to collect for July hasn’t shown up in my uphold wallet or coinbase…I think that I’m just not doing something correctly. Either way it goes I’ll still use brave simply because I love the privacy and all around set up! Thanks BRAVE CREATORS AND ALL TEAM MEMBERS FOR SUCH A GREAT BROWSER! Is it okay that I choose to mainly tip the brave site?


hi @dhrangad each month you should be presented with claim your rewards notification. Let us know if that is not the case! Payments will continue to get accrued. Once you claim, BAT will be held for you.

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Some of the loyal Brave Ads users got a bonus payment from Brave in this past week. All of the users who did not get paid correctly past month will paid in the upcoming September settlement.

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Hi @test_2be ads rewards will show up on your browser, and not on your creators Uphold account if i am reading your message correctly. Please let me know if i misunderstand your comment.


I know this but I got some BAT because I got some tips from people.

On Rewards creator site, I can see them but still not on my uphold wallet.

Indeed I got a confirmation from your colleague, payment will be proceed by Septembre.

I will wait and confirm.

It s not linked to ads.

Thanks a lot for your feedback

Kind Regards,

I have bat coins in my rewards program but I can’t get it my uphold account even though i am successful verified account. It says every time that next 8th, payment will be paid but nothing works.

I have not get that option since two months.