Ad block shields whitelist

How can I whitelist ?
I’d like to whitelist sites with the extension *
I access,,, etc etc… and I’d like all to be whitelisted.
They have in common the sufix " "

Why do you want to do that?

You can just add @@||^ in brave://adblock but that will whitelist any tracker from google and doubleclick and I don’t see any purpose on doing that when I see the website working fine.

This suffix belongs to government websites and its use is not possible with ad-block. As there are hundreds of these, many times I start a job and have to lose it because it stops working.

By the way, the solucion doesnt work.

You can try… … Of couse, informationa pages work fine.

My solution works but only for 1p scripts, if you want whitelist 3p as well, the trackers, you have to:

Also, you have to understand Adblocker is just one part of ‘Shields’ is it the adblocker why the websites stop working?

or is it because of the cookies? for example Brave isolates (you can think it as “blocks”) third-party cookies in a temporary storage, once you close the website they are going.
That means you have to allow 3p cookies so the website can read/write them, to the persistent storage.
Some pages will really break even with temporary 3p cookies, they need the persistent ones.

There is also Fingerprinting, which is just another protection, it has nothing to do with the adblocker, but it is part of Shields and some websites don’t work with it.

You can just Drop Shields down on each page and move on, you can manually add the sites here brave://settings/content/braveShields it doesn’t allow wildcard though, there was a workaround around it but needs to edit Preferences file and force it, might still work.

That’s what I mean with different things could be the cause of your issues and have nothing to do with adblocker, I doubt google trackers and APIs will matter much in most websites unless they are forcing them as ‘detect adblocker’ for monetary reasons.

These sites have security that requires users to be securely identified or they do not grant access. They are websites of the Brazilian judiciary.

It doesn’t matter.

You are saying “adblocking” and the only elements getting blocked inside those websites are Google and doubleclick, which are trackers… there are not 1p elements getting blocked, which hardly would brake any website to block those trackers.

Again, Adblocking might not the reason for these websites to break, for the reason I already explained, if they are then I already gave you the way to whitelist 1p and 3p.

The problem is you are not testing it and give it feedback, you didn’t give a screenshot or recorded video or gave a link exactly what part of the website is breaking.

I already saw they are Brasil judicial system whatever website, it doesn’t change the fact that the site only has third-party google and DoubleClick connections, which I already said how to fix it,
The site could have been getting broken by blocking 3p cookies not being truly allowed, which has nothing to do with Adblocker and the fingerprinting protection could also break it.

Maybe it is better if you just turn Shields off, and call it done.


You can see more here… or…

they call for a external app named pjoffice

But, you are right.,… just turn shields work fine…

in brave://adblock for any filters targeting those domains

Well, while adding and to brave://settings/content/braveShields to turn Shields off there is easier, I still think it can be used without turning shields off, so I researched with the links you gave.

First these rules should be the good ones to use:


I can see that when I click the “Certificado Digital” button, shields block http://localhost:8800/pjeOffice/ and that rule will allow, any connection in those subdomains.
Of course I split it in two rules because it is better so you don’t allow more than it is not needed.

I noticed cookies being blocked because they are technically seen as being from another domain, even if they are the same.

So if site still breaks, you can go to brave://settings/cookies and add two entries [*.] and [*.] with the checkbox to allow third-party cookies, to allow the cookies only in those sub domains, without allowing anything in others.
You could also add directly or even [*.], but this means every website would be allowed to see these cookies as 1p or 3p, which is not what I would recommend.

That’s why it is important to give the exact URL where you are having issues, things changes between domains and subdomains.
Buti t is always interesting to deal with different scenarios without turning shields off, it shouldn’t be needed 99% of the time but takes testing and trial and error in some cases.

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