Account flagged for no reason and cant link uphold account

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My account was flagged for no reason and doesnt’ seem like anyone is actually solving it. I did nothing wrong and suddenly its not conecting to my wallet.

What Operating System and Brave version are you using?
Windows 11
Versão 1.52.130

Who is your verified custodian?
Are you in a supported region?



I am experiencing the same thing. Brave claims that we should try again from “time to time”, what exactly does from “time to time” mean ? Every day, every week, month ? A prompt fix to this will be greatly appreciated Brave.

Also, I went ahead and created a ticket using this link, perhaps it will be helpful for you to do the same:

Here is also another conversation that might be helpful and offers more information on what what happened: How to get help from Brave support and sharing Ticket IDs


Hey @watstuga please raise the ticket as already mentioned by @illya444. Thanks mate!

@illya444 to answer your question, actually not so sure what’s the time period but it’s supposed to be random to protect the system so that people can’t possible know what caused the flag (atleast for the ones who actually did stuff which flagged them. Seen cases where flag was removed since it was flagged falsely).

The system is actually supposed to unflag profiles but seems it just hasn’t been happening as much as expected, not like doesn’t work at all but the system till now has only unflagged a really small number of people. So kinda the unflagging is still appealed by Raising a ticket.

You might ask, why not directly link users to support in the flagged notice, also asked on Community calls, but Brave staff said that some people might just spam them by creating a bot for raising tickets every time they get flagged (I guess can be said that people who have got flagged many times might have knowingly or unknowingly done something to raise suspicion)

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I had my creators account flagged last year, but for months they wouldn’t tell me why. Someone finally tells me it was because I hadn’t uploaded a video to YouTube in awhile, so I worked to get one up and let them know when it was live, but apparently they didn’t care that I fixed the issue, they will not restore my account and just give me a lame ass response that it was flagged for suspicious activity and will not be reinstated. How is not uploading a video for awhile suspicious? I get no answers from anyone. Also, I had A LOT of friends and family load Brave and use it so they could gift me BAT. I had around 1900 BAT saved up and that’s when they “Flagged” my account. Honestly, that’s why I think they flagged me, even though asking friends and family to gift BAT is not against the TOS. Now they are radio silent.

Depends. My guess be that, if you don’t have any content, why would people tip you?
Would be suspicious knowing that many people were accepting tips and giving them back to people in unsupported regions with taking a commission for doing so.

Not trying to imply you did the same but your case might strike similar with other people who were caught in the above act.

Same story as everyone else on this issue. My account was flagged and I have no idea why or even what the freak it even means. Although I’m pretty sure that I haven’t been up to any shady business, as im still a sworn deputy sheriff, plus i do a little intell work on the side for the security of this nation. However, thats irrelevant here. I’ve been using Brave practically since it was released. With other issues that I have had with this browser, it’s probably about to be deleted from my systems. Good luck to the rest of you all.

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That combination likely did it. Remember that Brave is meant for casual use and to support Creators. It’s not meant for us to try to use to farm or mine anything. You created a situation where you were just using it for earnings and not for normal usage. This behavior is an abuse of the system.

You may not access or use our Services if

  • (e) you are using our Services for personal, family or household purposes,
  • (f) you have been suspended from using our Services,
  • (g) under the applicable law of the jurisdiction(s) in which you reside or conduct business, you are prohibited from using the Services or do not have the requisite licenses or other governmental authorizations to use the Services,
  • (h) you are located in a country that is subject to a U.S. government embargo or that has been designated by the U.S. government as a “terrorist supporting” country,
  • (i) you are listed on any U.S. government list of prohibited or restricted parties, or
  • (j) your use of the Services breaches any other agreement to which you are a party.

You see that first one, right? And looking back at what you said:

There’s your violation of Terms. Well for the Publishers/Creators Terms. And seeing how you were talking about Creators being flagged/suspended, would qualify.

Others here seem to be talking about Rewards, which is something different.

@metroCI did you submit a Rewards Support Ticket at Assuming you’re speaking of Rewards and not Creators. If not, I’d suggest you do it.

You also may want to check out PSA: Current Rewards Issues (June 2023) *UPDATED*

Yeah, I submitted a ticket thanks. And yes, I am talking about a rewards issue and not trying to earn tips as a creator. Ive retired from programming and website building as I got too much on my plate already…lol. God bless.

Hey Saoiray,

Thanks for getting back to me. FYI, I was asked a couple times in the past (prior to being flagged) about how I “solicited for BAT donations/gifts”. When I responded with the answer, the support people said that asking others to help me was not a violation of TOS. I don’t see how that is abuse. It wasn’t like I had control over the people helping. It was me asking of they could and if they weren’t able to, no worries. And the reason I was asking was so that I could get better equipment so I could make better content for my channel. That was all fine by support, but the issue is, what changed from it being just fine to you are blocked and we won’t explain the real reason because uploading videos should have fixed things and my account should have been reinstated based on what their reason for the suspension.


Not sure how things were phrased. If you’re producing content and you’re trying to get people to give BAT to help with that, then it’s not an issue. The problem tends to come when content isn’t being created but instead it’s being used to “farm” BAT through friends, family, or even emulators and all for ourselves. As you can imagine, some of the people who are running emulators, bunches of devices, or in other ways had been abusing things often tried to pretend it was because of friends and family.

In any case, we’re getting closer to the end of this nightmare I think. I know one of the goals for this year is peer to peer tipping, which will provide people different ways of tipping and earning. Then eventually looking at the goal of having Pay With BAT that will combine with things, like Playlist, that will give Creators more ways to interact with everyone and earn.

Lot of other positive things for the future, though that doesn’t necessarily help you now and not sure what things will look like when implemented in terms of people who had been suspended/flagged before.

Again, if they saw that it was entirely personal/family/household purposes then it would have been violation. Based on what you’ve described, this was your issue.

Someone finally tells me it was because I hadn’t uploaded a video to YouTube in awhile, so I worked to get one up and let them know when it was live, but apparently they didn’t care that I fixed the issue

Someone from Brave told you that? If so, then they went over and beyond what they normally do. And yes, they don’t give do overs, especially if it’s been a violation of Terms and/or they think it’s someone abusing it.

Strictly going by the way you have described things, you weren’t using Creators as it was intended. This would have been enough to suspend you. And if everything said it accurate, then that means they likely assume you weren’t sincere in trying to maintain a channel or living as a Creator, but instead just was abusing it.

Keep in mind, I’m only going by what you have said. I don’t work for Brave and have no idea what’s been communicated or what your issue might be. I can only try to help communicate what the issue may have been based on your feedback.

Yes, once they make a final decision they don’t communicate more. I mean, it’s a final decision and won’t be changed. Usually all that happens afterwards is people argue or beg. Though none of that will result in a change and it’s just not worth it to keep conversation going.


I wasn’t in any way trying to abuse it. And I was sincere about using it to help my channel and content, but being disabled has many challenges that made it difficult to get regular content out. Based on my experience, they appear to have an instantly guilty and we won’t bother asking questions to determine if you are actually innocent attitude because of people that are dishonest. I get that would be the knee jerk reaction, but to not let a person clear their name sort to speak, is just downright unfair. I don’t know what people do/use to “game the system” in brave, it’s not something I ever thought about. All I know is that I have my home computers that I use to earn BAT from regular use. (Surfing) And then asking friends/family if they would tip.
I am unclear however, what is meant by “personal/family/household purposes”. Could you explain what that means/entails?

I’ve been really upset for a very long time not getting actual help from Brave. I really do think they need to revamp their “Support” because for those that are honest and using the proceeds to make their content better, it’s not supportive at all.
In the end, I know you are just going based on what info I have given you, and I greatly appreciate your perspective on the whole issue.
It’s still very upsetting though, because getting BAT was helping me slowly be able to afford equipment for the channel.


I do have content, I just hadn’t uploaded anything new in a while. It’s hard to make the content I make without a camera and being disabled also makes things difficult. By the way, a camera was what the BAT tips were going to pay for.

I see your second point. That would make sense, but for me the regions I was recieving tips from friends and family, were Canada and the States. Both of which are supported.

I too was flagged for literally no reason one one browser and didn’t receive any payouts for June on the other. Opened a ticket and hasn’t even addressed the flagging…

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@lowner thanks so much for helping around the Community!

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