Why am I flagged?

For whatever reason I’ve been flagged and although nothing has changed I keep missing out on the rewards that I was told I’d get for using Brave. I’m verified with Uphold and I can’t figure out what else to do. The support page says there is no action required but It’s been over a year and I really doubt Brave is looking into my profile to unflag it as they claim to be doing.

Can anyone shed some light on this ?

Same here. I disconnected a few wallets and now my main PC will not connect. Every time I try it says that I am flagged. It has been this way for months, missing out on all my rewards. This is bs

It happened with me.
I sent a form through → https://support.brave.com/hc/en-us/requests/new?ticket_form_id=360001302431
and my wallet was unflagged.

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Request help, by completing the Support Ticket Form at:


Wallet Payment ID would be required in the ticket form and will be found at: brave://rewards-internals/

(If, somehow, you cannot locate your Wallet Payment ID, then try using your e-mail address in the entry field.)

Please DO NOT reveal your Wallet Payment ID nor other personal info (egs. full name, e-mail address), here, at this very public forum, the Brave Community.

Wait 5 days.

Given your particular case - the fact that you have already waited for months . . .

IF no response from Brave Support, after waiting 5 days, send a Direct Message (‘DM’) to @steeven (member of Brave Support) by going to:

There, click on the Message button - looks like:


Report your issue details and include:

  • URL address where you first posted your issue
  • your ticket number

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