Been trying to connect my Brave Wallet to Uphold

So for the last 2 years, or since I got my new laptop, I have been unable to verify my account and connect my Brave Wallet using Uphold. So I’m now flagged and they said it would periodically be checked to make sure i’m not a fraud. Any chance theres someone I can email or ask hey can you look into this, because my Uphold account has been getting my rewards ever since Brave started and then when I got a new laptop everything went to crap when I tried to connect stuff. Any ideas would be appreciated.

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you need to file a ticket here:

Give them a week or so to respond.

I spent months flagged myself, it can take a bit to get sorted out.

As @lowner mentioned you’ll need to raise a ticket.
Raising a ticket basically will be an appeal to Brave to reinstate your account and will be at Brave’s discretion to decide whether to reinstate your account or not.

If there’s enough proof that you did it purposely and not by mistake, it’s likely that your account will not be reinstated.

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