About this HIGH memory leakage

It seems after a couple or few hours, the memory hits the max level and I have to restart to clear it.
This happens every time.
I’m glad I have 18 gigs or it would REALLY be a pain.
IS this a Google thing? (seems to do it on the plain Chrome browser some as well.

Any TIPS or tricks? :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance…

Thanks for reaching out @golfmann.
First, what is your Brave version?

1.5.115 version. Latest I can get.

Thanks for the information.

Can you make sure about this one Brave Browser high CPU usage lately?

Snip of about an hour open, normal browsing. 77% of my 18 GB used!

@golfmann copied from the thread linked above

if you check the Task Manager within Brave, do you see the Utility: Bat Ledger Service process taking a lot of CPU? You can view the Task Manager via the following:

  • Hamburger Menu --> More Tools --> Task Manager

To see this in-browser Task Manager, you need to open Brave > click Brave main menu (hamburger menu at upper right) > and so on.

no Bat Ledger … and this is about memory not CPU.
Besides, I read that was fixed in my version.

Anyway, I have stated my case and await, hopefully, improvement.

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