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Bonjour , j’avais sous linux Mint , Brave d’installer automatiquement, mais après l’avoir essayé , il ne traduit pas les page web ( Ne sert pas à grand chose ! Translate 1st in the Web !!! :nauseated_face::nauseated_face::sneezing_face::sneezing_face: ) Bref
Mais après des mois, j’ai installé Brave sous Android pour toucher les Tokens , maintenant je voudrais le réinstaller sous Linux.deb 18.xx
J’ai bien la source, Amazon , mais il me manque la Clé !!

Quelqu’un saurait ou est cette clé ???


And for Only :skull_and_crossbones::skull_and_crossbones: English :nauseated_face::sneezing_face: ===> TranslateMe (TMN) World’s First Decentralised Translation Solution. Translate Website :: Telegram :: Whitepaper :: Facebook :: Twitter :: LinkedIN :: Medium :: Explainer Video :: Subreddit http://bit.ly/2Js6FCd

Jester only English speaking :joy::joy::joy:


how do I get help on this site? did I not jump thru the proper hoop to get some help around here?


bump up bump up please help me


Здравствуйте! у меня проблема с капчой типа я решаю не верно и выдает заново! что делать?


Hello and thank you for a great Browser.
For some time now and increasing in severity, is the inability to research political hot topics
and not get canned Google type responses or nothing at all. It is most frustrating to research a topic as only an example, “racists remarks Obama has made” get a result of racist remarks that Trump has made. That was not the question and find that safe search off is not much better.
My question is do you folks have a newer browser, maybe more like some of the new ones coming out like Freespoke?
Thank you for your time and help.
Leo Pinna

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I keep having an issue where the add a tab + is missing or dark and I am constantly closing the window I am watching/using. I am not sure if it was the update but it is very frustrating when it happens.