About how to make money with Brave Browser with blocked countries

Hi brave support, I’m from Vietnam (1 of blocked countries). I read latest Brave news on gmail and it has content like this:


So What does that mean? Can people like me (in blocked countries) continue again to make money with brave as publishers or Youtubers ?

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Yes. You still able to earn BAT from tips/contributions from your fans/viewers.

Bit not from referral program.

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Can I earn money from amount of views on every video of youtube channel ?

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You’re in the wrong place to ask this question buddy. This is not a YT forum.
For more information for your query visit their creator academy page.

oh no, I mean that I think I can earn money with brave on visits of my youtube channel viewers. About this, it’s quite similar to earning money with youtube and google adsense. Is that right ?

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