Ability to have Random Brave Background

Each time the Brave browser is started it has the same first background. It’s as if there is a list of each background that only goes to a certain tab. For example, my first tab always has the same ocean background, my second tabs always have the same jellyfish background, etc.

It should be a default feature to have a completely random Brave background every time a window/tab is opened. I understand that sometimes there will be duplicates; you might get the same image you already had in your previous tab, but I think that’s still better than what there is now.

There is no such in-built feature now.

You can potentially try Unsplash extension. As far as I know, brave uses the same images from Unsplash.

Agree completely. I was just going to request this myself. The backgrounds are stunningly gorgeous, but unless you open 24 tabs, you never get to see many or most of them. It would be great if they cycled randomly instead of in strict order. That could be either default or optionally, but please implement it.