Ability to delete browser suggestions

I think that the ability to delete top-viewed sites without having to completely turn them off would be great. Thank you for reading this, even if you hated it.

Hi, I don’t think I understand your Feature Request. Can you provide more details please?

I use Brave on a desktop computer. I think this option already exits. In Customize, I have selected the option to have Brave handle top site suggestions instead of curating them myself. Here is an image of what my top site suggestions look like:


If I hover over a site icon, a little edit pencil pops up in the top right corner:


If I click the edit pencil, I have the option to remove the site.

Remove Selected Top Site:

View after Selected Top Site is Removed:


Is this what you are looking for? If not, can you please explain the feature request in more detail? Thank-you.

In a search bar, when you type something it will show a link to a website that you have visited, as a search suggestion.

Thank-you for the clarification. :slightly_smiling_face: