A large part of my BATs gone!

With the monthly “counter reset” the majority of my brave wallet has disappeared !
I don’t remember the exact quantity but it’s approximatively 30 BATs

Today the “brave creator” dashboard displays me 14.96 BATs (youtube channel) my Uphold wallet shows no trace of the missing amount too !

Thanks for help !

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HI @Darkmore - thanks for reporting! Did you just verify your wallet?

Hello ,the same thing happened to me ,half of my bats are missing ,this happened after the update.I had 28.75 and now 14,5.I never withdraw any bat.
Thanks for your help.

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Yeah mine are as well, if they don’t give me my balance I’m literally done with this trash browser. I can see why BAT is useless now.

Également pour moi j’ai perdu plus de la moitié de mes BAT depuis hier.

My Brave Wallet/Uphold link ?
If it’s this synchronization, I believe I did it between december and january

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