47 BATs missing after verified within Uphold

Thats it. Been holding my BAT rewards for 6 months. I Had 55 BATs. Then went to verify within Uplhold and after syncing with Uphold majority of my BATs are gone. Where Brave only deposited 7.75 of my BATs on Uphold instead of my 55 BATs.
I have waited enough to see if it would be deposited later but one week later I still got nothing. I did the sync with Uphold last Wednesday (11/23/2022), and still haven’t got the deposit on Uphold from Brave, where Brave only deposited 7.75 of my BATs instead the full amount I had, which was 55 BATs.
This is really frustrating since I was holding my BATs for so long to withdraw it or to donate my BATs to a verified Brave creator, and now I have nothing.
Bellow there is 2 screenshots 1- from the Brave log showing the sync with Uphold 2-My current BAT amount after I have synced with Uphold where mysteriously more than 40 BATs went missing. Let me know if you want more screenshots
Really hope the Brave team have a look on it. It was 6 months using your browser for the rewards and now I lost more than 80% of my hard earned rewards.

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You should raise a ticket at

@SaltyBanana @chriscat please look into this. Thanks!

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Thanks for the suggestion. Just opened a ticket. Hope they help me there


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