Progress on editing/exporting Brave passwords (iOS)?

Hi, folks:

For several years now I’ve followed the requests from folks who’ve asked for the ability to see/edit/export login info that Brave’s saved for us the way users on other platforms can, and Brave support has said you’re working on it.

How’s that coming along? I’m now using Brave 1.32 ( (under iOS 15.0.2 on an iPad 6th gen), and am disappointed that I still have no way to see/view/export those logins.

If this is really turning out to be a bear, howzabout simply switching over to using the Keychain? The hooks are all there, so it oughtta be a piece of cake. Seemingly every other app we own uses the Keychain, so it might be a lot quicker to use it as well so we can get at those passwords which are currently stored only in Brave and we can’t see what the heck they are (so we can log in with a different device).

Give us an update, please? Failing that, I see that folks on other platforms are able to access their login info in an encrypted MySQL database; can you at least tell us whether you’re using the same scheme in iOS? If so, perhaps we can get at ‘em that way.

Help us out and give us a clue, please, if the access isn’t forthcoming really, really soon?

Thanks very much,


PS: Hey: Any chance we can look forward to tagging our posts with useful tags soon? (“Android” and “ios” may help you split bugs out, but they do nothing for us!) Sure would be nice to be able to search for - and find - those posts that are similar to/same as our questions so we needn’t create duplicate posts. Thanks!

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work for this is finished and will be delivered to users later this month, you will be able to view your saved logins and passwords.

Then next year we want to add sync support so those credentials will be shared between iOS and other Brave platforms

Brave iOS offers to save passwords but does not offer to paste them when needed.

I do not have settings set to clear passwords.

What next?

Is there a way for me to read passwords.

Why does Brave not offer to save to the iOS keychain?


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