A complain with regard to brave version 1.5.6 and beyond

A great day to you all, brave browser team.

The phone that i am using is xiaomi redmi note 8 pro, with MIUI version, MIUI Global 11.0.6 | Stable, and Android version, 9 PPR1.180610.011.

I have never, ever encountered a problem in using the brave browser since the very day that i installed it on my phone sometime in 2017, until version 1.5.6, and beyond. Hoping that the problem would eventually go away in a later update, i just decided then to revert back to version 1.5.5, without reporting the issue believing, that it would eventually be discovered by you, and will just silently fix it. Two versions later, hoping that the very problem that i’ve encountered is no longer around, i tried to reupdate my version to 1.5.8. But, to my surprise, the problem is still there. So, because of the very obvious reason, i have reverted my version back for the second time, to 1.5.5! And again, two versions later & for the second time around, i took my chance and reupdated the version to 1.5.120…, fervidly wishing, and fervently hoping, that the bug, in which i tried to avoid, have already been trampled! BUT, to my utmost dismay, this very bug, if it is indeed a bug, like covid-19, is simply too tough to defeat!, It’s still, very actively, and strongly, persist! Now, what is this pesky bug you ask? i simply cannot open the more options menu, for me to be able to access the incognito mode, bookmarks, history, downloads, settings etc. Can i ask for your help concerning this?.. And if i compel myself to ask for your direction about this experience, should i revert back for the third time, to version 1.5.5?, or, i will just wait for your resolution on the matter.

Thank you… And i am looking forward, for your immediate, and helpful response. Godspeed.

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