Brave is having a lot of crash issues on Android 10

As you know, I manage the Brave platform in the largest Spanish-speaking forum in the world. Forocoches.

Many users are reporting Brave bugs in Android 10. Users say that their browser is blocked and closed in this operating system, also some are having problems in Android 6.

Another problem that they report a lot is that they have problems when entering certain websites such as, where the browser crashes.

I leave this as information of interest to see if you can solve these problems or is a problem with Android 10. Thank you.

I confirm, a have that bugs on sony xz2 and xiaomi mi9c, bought with Android 10

The last several days I’ve had Brave crash a couple of times upon opening websites. I haven’t ever encountered this before now. Android 10 Samsung Galaxy Note 10+. SM-975U. Kernel version dated 2020-10-10 KST.

Hello, I’ve being facing with same issue for two weeks.
Brave 1.16.74
Redmi note 8 pro, MIUI Global, Android 10 QP1A.190711.020

just open and try to open a post
it is reproduced with many different pages and scenarios but this one looks like the shortest one

Additional info:
Brave beta works fine.

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