Brave for android has become the crappiest browser I have seen in my life

I am currently using Brave 1.52.126, Chromium 114.0.5735.133 on Android 10, build/QKQ1.200209.002 and with every new update the browser is becoming unusable. It freezes frequently, having issue opening Facebook at least twice a day. I have tried clearing the cache, rebooting my device, and reinstalling the app but nothing seems to work.

I have nothing do do with Brave other than being a user of the browser sometimes, but I have worked in tech for a long time. Most likely, this is a problem with incompatibility or corruption on your device. Brave has it’s issues, but we have multiple devices all working great, for a long time, with no meaningful problems in recent times. I’m sure someone else with chime in with more suggestions, but it really doesn’t seem like a Brave problem to us.


Really? That browser was performing just fine just a few months ago and suddenly now my device is at fault? The other apps are not facing any issues on my phone. So it’s brave that has the compatibility issue.

I have Brave running on both an android phone and tablet. Working perfectly.


Can you please tell me the specific device model you’re using?

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Hi, I am using Realme 5i

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