A bit of customize help

Hello, I love brave browser and ive used it for a bit more than a year. But I need help with 2 things, 1. How do I change the maps function from apple maps to google maps (I use duck duck go)

and 2. I love the feature that a random theme comes up each time I open a new tab, but is there a way to add some themes of my own I want it to randomize between? and Can I make it so not all the themes can come up cause there is a few I don’t really like. Ive turned off the AD themes but I still wanna un-select a few of the ones that are left.

so summarized: how do I change the map type and can I add some other themes I want it to randomize between?

Hi @Sei, Welcome to Community!

So it looks like Duckduckgo is partnered with apple maps, so it can’t be changed

In regards to the new tab page, at the moment it’s not possible to choose which images appear nor add your own images.

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