Set Maps application

Using DuckDuckGo in Brave, when I go to see a map, DDG use Maps to display it. How do I get it to use Google Maps instead? I went to the DDG website but I could not find a setting to change it there. Is there a way to change it in Brave?

Brave Version( 1.14.81):

You will have to visit for this. If you visit DDG website and look for google maps it wont work. Its two different websites

IIRC, in other search engines there are options to choose which map service (, Google, MapQuest, etc.). If there isn’t a way to do it in DDG or Brave, then I will just have to use Google as my search engine.

That would be a website feature not a Browser feature. I don’t think there is anything the browser can do here

OK, it must be a DDG thing then. I’m ditching it and going back to Google.

Thanks for the info.

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Going to close the thread. Please reopen a new one if you run into any other issues