9anime erros for brave shields


I accidentally found this post on reddit for 9anime group. 9anime is anime pirating/ watching it online for free website. According to some other posts, they are having problems with UBO, and its own UBO filter list https://teddit.net/r/9anime/comments/r0dt3j/adblock_breaks_it_anyone_have_a_fix/.

Sites in question:- https://9anime.to/home https://9anime.id/home

Will need to slightly tweak the filter list. They are having issues with UBO too https://teddit.net/r/9anime/comments/r0dd94/ublock_origin_error_message/ , so do update it on their side too if you are contributing to that project also.


If the issue gets fixed, can some redditor update on the subreddit that issue was fixed with a link to this post and fanboyz reply.

Not sure what the issue is, Just played without issue https://9anime.to/watch/tsukipro-the-animation-2.67xz/ep-9 and tested all 5 streams (vidstream, mycloud, videovard, streamtape, mp4upload) and the video played fine.

If uBO made an update, within 24hrs it’ll be sync’d with us.


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