5 Suggestions - Homescreen Dials, Bookmarks, Navigation/Gestures, Clear Private Data


Hey Brave Team.

What a fantastic app first off so thank you!

So quick, love the privacy features from Adblock to fingerprinting protection and controllable per site. The horizontal tabbed browsing is so important to me, it’s amazing that hardly anyone incorporates this! Not since Dolphin and Mercury browsers have I been happy as I’ve had to use Safari (yikes).

I was just wonder if it’s possible to implement any of the following features:

  1. The blank home screen that displays ads blocked, time saved etc - possible to have speed dials or better still, the bookmarks accessible as dials on this startup page? This is wasted space and home-screen dials is a common feature across multiple browsers.

  2. In addition or if the above is not feasible implementation wise, then at least having bookmarks accessible from the bottom navigation bar? The bottom right hand tab control is a feature I don’t use (other than to hold press to close tab) and could take this place if it’s an option enabled in options?

  3. Whilst it is easy to navigate pages per tab using the bottom < and >, is it possible to add swipe gestures to also navigate between pages? So a swipe to the left goes back and to the right goes forward - or to prevent accidental swiping, to show a short overlay to confirm with another swipe? This is a feature Dolphin Browser utilises and is a popular one.

  4. Alternatively, related to the above, swipe to switch between tabs?

  5. In addition to the shield icon, an ability to clear private data ie setup default function for “clear private data” as an option from shield icon to one tap clear all data or just history or whatever user setups as default option in settings? Alternatively, to access this by a long press on the shield icon (top right)?

Thank you and please keep up the fantastic development, I love it!

Am using iOS, latest version (1.8) on iPhone XS 12.1.2.



Thank you for detailed feedback

  1. There is a ‘favorites’ functionality, where you can add websites you like to your home screen. When first installing Brave, there should be few preloaded sites like wikipedia, coinmarketcap, do you have them? Anyway if you want add a favorite, go to a website, press share button and there should be an option ‘Add to favorites’

  2. There will be a UI rework soon and I think there’s something like this planned, a shared view with tabs, bookmarks and history

  3. Do you mean swipe from edge of the screen to navigate? This should be working

  4. You can swipe left/right on bottom toolbar to navigate between tabs

  5. You can do that in settings -> clear private data. It’s here because it’s not that commonly used compared to toggling shields when a website doesn’t work for example. But I think users usually just go into private mode and then on quitting it all data and history is dropped. Actually no data is saved on disk when using private browsing



Hi michal,

Thank you so much for taking the time to reply!

Regarding 1) there weren’t any when I first installed. Didn’t know about the favourites feature, thank you! Is there a way to add them directly from this launch page rather than having to load a page first and then click add to favs? I’ve just added a few but the icon that appears - they’re really low quality and pixelated for all the sites I’ve just added. Is this a bug or an error with pulling favicon icon for display purposes?

Regarding 3) it works now thank you. The zone for it is smaller than I’m used to but at least it works, thanks :slight_smile:

Thank you, have a nice day and looking forward to changes.



re 1, there should be 10 preloaded favorites so this must be a bug :smiley:
look at the SS, these are the defaults

atm there’s no way to manually add bookmarks by url, you have to visit a website first.

what sites did you add that have pixelated icons? This should not happen, we actually have an algorithm that uses a custom fallback icon if the downloaded favicon is of bad quality

  1. The swipe navigation area should be the same as Safari, I don’t think we altered it, do you feel it’s smaller compared to other iOS browsers?

Thanks for using Brave and feel free to ask if you have any concerns