5 cool tricks for Brave

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1. Tab groups collapse & expand


It allows you to collapse and expand tab groups (and save space in tabs bar)

How to enable? Go to brave://flags/#tab-groups-collapse and turn highlighted flag to "enabled"

How to use? Click dot or group name to collapse/expand

2. Reading list


How to enable? Go to brave://flags/#read-later and enable.

How to use? Right-click tab and select “add tab to reading list”


3. Tab hover cards & previews

If enabled, hover card appears when you hover over tab (instead of tooltip)
(Sorry it disappears every time I want to take screenshot)

How to enable? Enable brave://flags/#tab-hover-cards

Tab previews: You can also enable tab previews by enabling brave://flags/#tab-hover-card-images (but first you have to enable hover cards)

4. Quick bookmarks

The fastest way to access bookmarks:

Just create additional folder in bookmarks bar, move it to the left and move your favorite bookmarks here.

5. Automatically clear data and history on exit

You can set brave to always clear cookies, history, cache…

How to set? Go to brave://settings/clearBrowserData, select “on exit” tab, select the options you want and click “save”


Hi Anonymous (Brave Team),

The Tab groups collapse & expand is immensely useful.
:heart_eyes: Thank you so much!

Those are super cool! Thanks!

6. Speedreader

It enables faster loading of simplified article-style web pages (when turned on).

How to enable? Go to brave://flags/#brave-speedreader and enable. In beta and nightly, it’s enabled by default.

7. New PDF reader

Enable brave://flags/#pdf-viewer-update

8. Reader mode


“Allows viewing of simplified web pages by selecting ‘Customize and control Chrome’>'Distill page”

Enable brave://flags/#enable-reader-mode

P.S. It often works only after refreshing page (glitch)

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