Preview Image of Webpage by Hovering over Tab

Believe it or not, Brave used to actually have this feature, but for some reason unknown to me they removed it! I enjoyed being able to preview a tab before actually clicking on it, especially because I usually have a bunch of tabs open at once and sometimes many of them are from the same website.

I sure I’m not the only one who benefited from this feature, as most individuals usually have multiple tabs open at once too, and many-a-times they’re simply different webpages from the same website. This feature made it much easier to navigate multiple webpages while multitasking within the browser!

If this feature can’t be brought back for some reason, can someone please explain why it was removed in the first place! Thank you!

It would be nice to have; I know Opera does this very nicely.

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I’ve seen it implemented on some of the new versions of Google Chrome too! We can’t let the competition get ahead of us like this!