3 small fixes for groups in vertical tabs

-Keep tabs collapsed when dragging a group.
In a group of tabs, all the tabs are collapsed.
When I drag the group, all the tabs are on display.
It would be better to keep the tabs collapsed when dragging a group since I just want to move it.
Maybe there are some restrictions. Then maybe just automatically hide the tabs when I release the mouse button after dragging the group. (If the tabs are hidden before dragging.)
-Do not open the first tab in the group after dragging. Keep the same tab opened as before dragging the group.

-Sorting groups in this particular menu:
Right click on a tab → Add tab to group → The list of groups.
Can’t figure out how sorting works here, by date created, color or alphabetically.
It would be really great if the sort order here would be the same as the sort order of the groups in the vertical tabs. (If it doesn’t hurt the performance)

-Can’t replace first tab in group by dragging another tab over it.

This would make it look much smoother and more polished to me.