Please give an option to add names to group tabs

Please give an option to add names to group tabs.

like this

This already exists.

Not in mine (latest version)

Should be able to as it’s built into Brave. As you can see below, I’m using most recent version and everything. Big question is whether you’re assuming or what? Like if you hit the 3 tabs area, does it convert to text? What do you have as options in your hamburger menu?


  • What version of Android are you using?

  • Exactly which version of Brave are you using?

@Saoiray I can confirm that I am on latest version (1.57.60) and can’t rename the grouped tabs as well. I tried clicking on the ‘2 tab’ button but nothing happens.

When I click on the ‘3 dots’ I only get an option of ‘Select tabs’

@mattches and @steeven would either of you know why there would be differences here on the same version of Brave?

I also cannot rename my tab groups — strange. @Saoiray what version of Android are you using?

He’s using 1.57.60 @mattches

Whoops — @Saoiray I meant to ask what Android version you’re using :sweat_smile:

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@Mattches Android 10. It’s my old Samsung Galaxy S9

@Mattches @SmartyAadi @8bit_snow

Had my curiosity when so many mentioned, so I went to check if I had anything special active. So it seems what did it was Tab Groups Continuation that I had activated in Flags for one reason or another.

So go to brave://flags and enable Tab Groups Continuation. I had to completely exit Brave (not just hit the restart button) and then when I returned, it worked as I showed in the screenshots.

But when disabling, exiting Brave, and then launching again it brought me to screens like @8bit_snow showed.


It doesn’t work in Brave but I tried that tab group thing you said in chrome and it works

Same here. I did not try in chrome yet but think that will yield similar results.

Just to make sure brave Was actually completely restarted, I restarted the phone as well but to no avail

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Usually restarting is enough when changing flags but instead it seemed to keep the prior flag settings unless/until I fully closed all tabs and exited Brave.

By exit I mean I hit the button to change between apps and then slide up so it’s no longer showing as an open app.

Weird. It doesn’t work on a device running android 10 too. Just tried on my family members device.

@Serg would you know how this is supposed to work? It’s weird that it’s an option for me but doesn’t seem to exist for others based on what they are saying.

Guess big thing is, are we getting anything that will allow people to name tab groups? And if it exists like I’m experiencing from enabling flags, is it going to be made any simpler for the future?

Oh my God. This is crazy! Now even I am able to edit tabs on my phone!

Interesting that it works for you all — even with the flag enabled I can’t get the option to rename the groups. I also cannot find out exactly what the intent of this flag was supposed to be or at least I cannot find any official answer. The flag description says that enables “tab continuation features” which is not super helpful.

At any rate, I opened an issue for this as I think users should be able to do this as well. @Saoiray I stole a couple of your screenshots — hope you don’t mind:

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Mattches, did you try restarting the device as well? For me, doing so did the trick