1-Click Private Window

Just a simple feature suggestion: a 1-Click Private Window button in the top bar.

As seen in Firefox:

With one hand on the keyboard and one hand on the mouse, I find it a lot easier and quicker the Firefox way to simply click the ‘Private Window’ button instead of having to type in a 3 key keyboard shortcut. Furthermore, it comes pretty natural as I imagine most users click the ‘+’ to open a new tab in 1 click, so being able to do the same thing with a private window is pretty intuitive.

As far as how I’d like to see it implemented in an ideal world, an option inside ‘Settings > Appearance’, below ‘Use wide location bar’ I’d love to see a ‘Show Private Window button’ that could be toggled (Default off). If on, it would simply show a button on the extension bar area of the top bar. Really it would be little more than a button that triggered ‘Ctrl+Shift+N’. If a user wants it, they can toggle it on. If not, they can leave it off.

And that’s all. Perhaps someone else might find this of interest.

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