Quick question - Is there a private button?

I don’t know if this is either trivial, or not something that’s not currently possible… but after looking I haven’t found an answer so I thought I might ask.

Coming from Firefox, I kinda miss the “private” button on the toolbar which I could use to open a new private window in a single click without going to the menu. Is there something equivalent for Brave? All it is is a button on the toolbar where the extension icons are located. Or a way to create a bookmark with the same function would also suffice. I’d just want to avoid having to use a keyboard shortcut and would rather just be able to do so with a single click.

Is this possible? Or conversely, is this not possible?

In any case, thanks for answering.

I’ve just checked it out, Firefox also has the private tab in the menu, or am I wrong?..
Firefox (version 67.0)

Brave (version 0.64.77)

If this 1-Click-Button doesn’t exist at the moment, you can submit your suggestion in the Feature-Request-area.

Thanks for the quick response, @MediaBird

Sure, Firefox has it in the menu, but I don’t use it since it’s unnecessary. I use the button directly in the bar for one-click private window opening:

I didn’t suspect there would be an option to do so currently in Brave since I’ve already checked the settings, but thanks for the confirmation. I’ll be submitting a request then.

Feature request opened here 1-Click Private Window